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Brian Heit

Regional Councillor – St. Catharines


  • On Regional Council having served on all 4 Standing Committees, as well as Audit, Budget Review, Human Resources, Council Review, Procurement & Economic Advisory Committee
  • Catharines City Council experience includes sitting on all Major Committees, Budget Review, and served 5 years as Deputy Mayor
  • Brock University grad with over 40 years of Business Experience. Retired as a former General Manager of Talk Wireless, a communications provider in Niagara
  • Married to Marcy for over 40 years with daughters, Alexis & Kallie, son-in-law Greg and grandson Hudson
  • Community Involvement includes Community Care, Chamber of Commerce, Niagara Symphony, Grape & Wine Festival, Downtown Association, Ladies Softball, & Bridge Club of Niagara
  • A recipient of both Provincial and St. Catharines Volunteer Service Awards


  • Approaches his role as Councillor with Integrity and Honesty
  • Fiscal Responsibility is one of his top priorities
  • Understands his role to develop and evaluate policies and programs
  • Encourages programs that create jobs, growth, and broaden our tax base
  • An independent thinker not connected to ANY Political Party
  • Firmly believes collaboration with municipal partners, the private sector & academic institutions will accelerate growth throughout the region
  • Known as “The Voice of Reason” by staff and his peers
  • Will continue making sound financial investments that benefit Niagara
  • Committed to seeking affordable, positive, and sustainable solutions
  • Encourages Niagara to act with ONE Voice to achieve maximum results
  • Is proud of his track record representing St. Catharines at the Region

For the Record, Brian Supported

  • Holding the line on Regional Tax increases below 2% per year on services within our control
  • An integrated Regional Transit System in Niagara
  • The Expansion of Go Transit Commuter service to Niagara
  • A Modernized Governance model for the Region
  • Programs to bolster affordable housing in Niagara
  • Subsidies to attract new higher paying jobs to the Region
  • The Canada Summer Games 2022 which has brought over $20 Million of investment
  • The Investment required to upgrade our aging infrastructure
  • Building the Seymour Hannah facility, in which he played a pivotal role
  • Limiting the Urban Spawl through our new Regional Official Plan
  • Investing in the Redevelopment of Linhaven Long Term Care Home
  • 10-Year Economic Development Strategy for a more vibrant regional economy

      10 REASONS why you should Re-Elect Brian Heit

      1. If Integrity Matters…
      2. If Experience Matters…
      3. If Independence Matters…
      4. If Seniors Matter…
      5. If Community Matters…
      6. If High Paying Jobs Matters…
      7. If Dedication Matters…
      8. If Courage Matters…
      9. If Honesty Matters…
      10. If Preservation Matters…


      Honesty & Integrity


      Brian Heit