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From The St. Catharines Standard

1) Full name: Brian Heit

2) Age: 68

3) Occupation: I enjoyed over 40 plus years in business. Skilled in sales and marketing my most recent position prior to retirement was as General Manager for a wireless communication company.

4) Family: Married to Marcy for 46 years, two daughters Alexis & Kallie, son-in-law Greg Penney and grandson Hudson.

5) Previous political experience: Proud and honoured to have been elected at both the city and regional levels. Currently completing my fourth term as a Regional Councillor serving on all standing committees. Fifteen years as a City Councillor including five years as a deputy mayor with a consistent focus in the areas of finance and budgeting at both levels.

6) Community work: Volunteer for Community Care, past board member of the Chamber of Commerce, Grape & Wine Festival, St. Catharines Transit, Niagara Symphony, Downtown Association, and former minor all-star league coach. Recipient of both city and provincial volunteer recognition awards.

7) What is your top issue? 1) Restoring Integrity to Regional Council 2) Holding the line on tax increases 3) Foster Economic initiatives to attract good paying jobs 4) Waste collection 5) Aging Infrastructure

8) Why are you running? I am running for re-election because St.Catharines residents will benefit from an experienced, independent, and effective representative. An honest, dedicated politician who is willing to SPEAK OUT is essential at the Region.

9) Why should voters choose you? I have a PROVEN Track record of voting the RIGHT way and keeping tax increases under inflation. I advocate consistently for open, fair and transparent government. I act with honesty & integrity. I will continue to defend democracy for all citizens of Niagara.

10) How will you resort integrity to regional council? I am willing to right what is wrong, examine all questionable recent hires. Staff need to be qualified and deserve trusted leadership. I will make the tough decisions to restore the public’s trust, to create a region that operates in the best interests of all taxpayers.

11) What is your opinion on the CAO hiring issue and the CAO contract extension? I have consistently expressed concerns over this hiring issue and am on record as voting against the CAO’s hire. I am opposed to Chair Caslin’s attempt to rewrite and extend the CAO’s contract and will seek all avenues to have this action reversed.

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