38 Reasons Why You Should Re-Elect Brian Heit

  Brian knows that The Public Trust and Niagara’s reputation need to be restored.

  Brian believes that working with a NEW council and NEW chair, the Region can operate in a more transparent manner.

  Brian supports a region that is respectful to its citizens, a region of which we can all be proud.

  Brian understands that if we Speak and Act with ONE VOICE, Niagara will realize our potential.



  maintains a common-sense approach to all 4 Major standing committees
  is a respected local business person for over 40 years
  as a former minor league coach recognizes the importance of modern facilities
  has 5 years experience as Deputy Mayor
  played a pivotal role resulting in the building of the Seymour Hannah 4plex
  a life long resident, Brock Graduate and former small business owner
  proud recipient of City and Provincial Volunteer recognition Awards
  a former board member of the Chamber of Commerce, Grape & Wine Festival,
St. Catharines Transit, Downtown Association & more



  is proud of his record of accountability
  makes fiscal responsibility a top priority
  advocates consistently for open, fair and transparent government
  a vigilant watchdog, putting Regional issues under the microscope
  is an independent thinker not affiliated with any political party


Brian said YES:

to continued WEEKLY garbage pick up service
to an Audit of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority
to integrate Regional transit system in Niagara
to the expansion of GO Train Commuter Service for Niagara
to host the Canadian 2021 Summer Games
to hold the line on regional tax increases below 2% per year
to programs that will bolster affordable housing in Niagara
to programs that create job growth and broadening the tax base
for the right of every citizen to present to council

BRIAN said NO:

X to increasing councillor pay post election
X to the selection of the current chair
X to the selection of the current CAO
X to extended remuneration for a sanctioned councillor
X to the destruction of Environmentally sensitive lands in Niagara
X to increasing the size of regional council
X to increases in staffing at the Region

✓ If Integrity Matters, Vote Brian Heit.

✓ If Experience Matters, Vote Brian Heit.

✓ If Dedication Matters, Vote Brian Heit.

 If Community Matters, Vote Brian Heit.

✓ If Independance Matters, Vote Brian Heit.